Towards the end of the Stone Age, people stopped being hunters and became farmers. They settled in communities rather than continually wandering around hunting and looking for food. This gave them more free time. Time to think and wonder about the world they lived in.

These early people were curious about themselves. They wondered

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Debate Robots Are Dangerous And Are Becoming Too Intelligent: We Should Stop Production Of Robots Immediately
Imagine your children’s lives endangered by the screen they stare at every day. Robots have the capability to replicate human speech. This means that when on the phone you may be talking to a human or a robot. The reality of this is scary as it means
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Weird Future
I can tell you exactly how the future will unfold. There will be wars, earthquakes, pestilence, famine and floods. Friendly nations will become enemies and enemies will become friends. The current Pope will be the last of his line. Old men will compl
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West Bourne House School
What is the best thing about your school? The best things about our school are playtime, drama, food tech, languages, maths and boarder’s Friday night swimming as well as being with the friends we missed during lockdown. The teachers are super kind