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Hit the Great Museum trail

You’ve been in the motorcycle equivalent of hibernation all winter... spending hours in the garage fettling with your beloved machine, and as spring approaches you are no doubt starting to think

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The Classic MotorCycleLeitura de 6 minsTechnology & Engineering
Store Cupboard Special
The hope for this issue was that I’d be able to report we have a rolling chassis – and, happily, that’s exactly what I can say, though it hasn’t actually rolled anywhere far as yet, apart from off the bench and back on it, the other way round. Becaus
The Classic MotorCycleLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Alongside JAP speedway engine development, specialists made frames, including speedway rider Alec Jackson, who was to later take over speedway engine production. Most off-season during the early/mid 1930s, engine development work had two objectives –
The Classic MotorCycleLeitura de 7 mins
You Were Asking
Often, in years gone by, I’ve written to the effect: “In the odd way publishing dates operate, this column wishes you all a Merry Christmas and great motorcycle riding in the New Year, in this, the December issue of TCM, which will be with most of yo