Classic Motorcycle Mechanics

Project Mobylette part 1  Moby: Go!

Many, many months ago, I introduced my fleet of scrofulous old bikes and mopeds to you, and promised to update you on progress in the following issue.

Since then, despite increasingly shrill demands from our esteemed editor (indeed Kev, it was June 2018 when we first heard from you - ed), I’ve completely failed to keep you updated. Basically, life got in the way, and while that’s preferable to the obvious alternative, the lack of spanner time throughout 2018 meant there was no progress to update anyway. Hopefully, that’s now changing, and a thorough tidy-up and re-organisation in the workshop means I can at least see the workbench now, so I’m running out of excuses. Best get on with

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Classic Motorcycle MechanicsLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Suzuki T500/GT500
If, in your mind’s eye, two-stroke twins are all about powerbands, coming ‘on-pipe’, riding to the red-line and then hooking up another gear, perhaps these next few pegs aren’t really for you. Why: because Suzuki’s big-bore stroker twins dance to an
Classic Motorcycle MechanicsLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Pre-order – If You Like What You See!
I hate banging on about how you can guarantee your monthly slice of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, but I’m duty-bound, I’m afraid! Thing is, as I’ve said before, in these trying times we need you to support us – and we need to support you. Subscriptio
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Win Bridgestone Kit
Every month, we’re giving away a Bridgestone Oxford Products Oximiser 3X and a handy Bridgestone roll bag to the winner of our Star Letter! No cash alternatives, before you ask! Simply get in touch by sending emails to: o