Perfect your Pages documents

sophisticated options for styling your documents. But it has several oddities and omissions too. To get the best from it, you need to learn how to make those oddities do what you need them to do, while making the

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6 Things Apple Called The End Of
Before 2007, every cellphone was mostly buttons. The BlackBerry had even more. The Android prototype had buttons. The iPhone was all touchscreen, no buttons. Nobody went back to buttons. A disk held at most 1.44MB — less than a thousandth of a 2GB SD
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Crave Around $20,000 >>> Taking a love of dramatic technology design to the next level, B&O’s new OLED TV changes shape depending on whether you’re using it or not. The wooden panels hide a beefy speaker setup, but they elegantly fold them
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Work Faster With Finder
REQUIRES Finder, macOS Mojave (most features work in older versions) you will learn Shortcuts for getting around folders and locating/renaming files IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes disproportionately onerous and slow to get things done in Finder? Features li