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The politics of money

The role of money in politics is an issue everyone has an opinion about despite having none of the facts. The reason quite simply is that political funding in India is opaque and thus unobservable, despite the enhanced scrutiny of candidates' expenditures exerted by the Election Commission. Political funding in India does not lack transparency. It has

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Now it's Show Time
US President Donald Trump embarks on his first official visit to India, in the final year of his presidency. This is the eighth visit by a sitting US President and the ninth meeting between Modi and Trump. Four of those meetings took place last year,
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The Tumult in Telecom
Ten years after Indian telecom was rattled by the 2G spectrum scam and the Supreme Court cancelled 122 licences issued by the UPA government in 2008, the sector is witnessing another upheaval. This time, the apex court has stepped in to ensure that t
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Hide, and Seek
Few practising artists in India are as knowledgeable about international art histories and cinema, popular visual culture and vernacular traditions as Atul Dodiya. In 2005, he installed 'Stammer in the Shade', a large canvas propped up on metal crutc