Noordung also makes a Music model (approx £6,000), which boasts many of the same features as the Voyager but does

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Netflix’s flagship hits the ’80s, detailing the shenanigans of Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, the latter played by Gillian Anderson – giving Guru a mightily confused loin. There’s no stopping them. Death, deafness and dementia could not preven
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Little Things That Matter
Soundbars that carry displays are much easier to use than those that don’t. Being able to see at a glance which input you’ve selected, which sound format you’re playing and which speaker volume level you’re adjusting during set up is far preferable t
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The AER 557 is an absolute stunner, blending – in a way that only ingenious artists can – scooter portability with ergonomic handlebars and wheels you’d be more likely to find on a bike. But, with a 43km/h top speed and 32km battery range, it’s more