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SPLIT-BOX No. D6732 (37032) paid a short visit to Barrow Hill during April, where it was reunited with its power unit, which has undergone attention by HNRC. The loco then moved to Roberts Road

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DB CARGO: WIA (UIC code Seefoors) five-unit car carrier No. 85 70 4971 030-7, which arrived at DBC’s Stoke works on November 27, has completed its overhaul and was dispatched back to Arpley on December 11. FREIGHTLINER: After component recovery at Ca
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Vintage Trains Acquires Three Class 144s For Charter Work
THREE ‘Pacers’ are set to see continued passenger use on the main line as part of the Vintage Trains fleet. Nos. 144014/019/023 have been acquired from Porterbrook, and all three ran from store at Gascoigne Wood (North Yorkshire) to their new base at
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‘Chunnel’ Services
WHILE today there are no Motorail services in Britain as such, there is the Eurotunnel ‘Le Shuttle’ car carrying service between England and France through the Channel Tunnel. Passengers drive their own vehicle onto the train, removing staff costs, a