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Cross-Border Timetable Revised
A NEW timetable for the Belfast Lanyon Place to Dublin Connolly ‘Enterprise’ service was introduced on August 31, that is valid through to December 12. The service has returned to pre Covid-19 service levels with eight through-trains in each directio
Rail ExpressLeitura de 3 minsTechnology & Engineering
Rtc Lab 10
ANOTHER close fit to an existing Mk.1 coach model in the Hornby range is Railway Technical Centre (RTC) R&D Division ‘Lab 10’, a former Mk.1 BSO No. 9236 which was converted around 1970 for use as a power source for the APT-POP train (Power-O-Power)
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Original Look For Tube Trailer
FORMER Northern Line 1959 Stock trailer car No. 2044 has been returned to in-service condition at the Mangapps Railway Museum. The 1923-style heritage red and maroon livery has been painstakingly stripped back to the base aluminium and repolished. Th