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Clean Thoughts: 3 Principles of Information Hygiene for a Happy & Productive Life

Clean Thoughts: 3 Principles of Information Hygiene for a Happy & Productive Life by Kristin Goad. Photograph of a woman looking into a crystal ball by Garidy Sanders
Photograph by Garidy Sanders

Since our lives are manifested by our thoughts, it’s important to be mindful of ‘cleaning’ our thoughts to achieve the goals we hold and the life we seek

Human beings have an exceptional mind. The mind manifests what we think about all day long. Everything we see on earth today that is man-made was first expressed in the mind. 

The universe is governed by a set of . Among them is the law of cause and effect. This law states that for every effect, there is a cause — whether known or unknown. Thoughts are causes and conditions are effects. It is difficult to

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