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I’m not one for instruction manuals, which isn’t such a problem when you’re assembling a flat-track kitchen unit, but when it comes to grasping the intimacies of one of the most high-tech production bikes on the market that challenge becomes fruitier than a bag of Skittles. I’ll be honest, I’ve pretty much winged my way through life with the Beemer

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Geared Up
Have you ever thought about changing the caliper pistons in your brakes? No? Well, neither had we, until these bad boys came across our desk. Sure, OE calipers have come a long way in the last 20 years or so but they’re still one of the parts that le
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Fast Bikes
WWW.FASTBIKESMAG.COM Email: Editor: ‘Dangerous’ Bruce Wilson, Designer: Michael Baumber Production Editor: Pauline Hawkins Words: Steve Parrish, Tim Neave, Tom Neave, Jon Urry, Andrew Dalton, Jack
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Carlos Honda Crf250rx
I tell you what, when I first picked up the shiny new CRF250RX from Honda, I wasn’t too sure about a lot of things... and I’m not just talking about how to properly ride the bloody thing off-road. One of the main things I was worried about was the po