Tribulation is a mongrel based on a mid-1950s Royal Enfield pre-unit 250 Clipper in trials trim, which needed more than a little bit of spit ’n’ polish when it arrived. My first jobs were to strip and rebuild the engine, and source and refinish a different petrol tank. While the paint was drying (literally) on the tank, my thoughts turned to the gearbox and the rear end.

I’ve been fooled by RE gearboxes in the past – they’re devious devices and not to be trusted. When I rebuilt Connie, my ’59 Constellation, I didn’t touch the gearbox other than lubricating it, as it all seemed to be OK, selecting gears, etc. And all was well – Connie’s gearbox is the best RE 4-speed box I’ve used. Easy, slick gear selection, no false neutrals, lots of confidence, all good.

When I acquired Rusty, my rusty 350 Indian Bullet, I applied the same principle. Unfortunately this proved to be a bad strategy as the box was awful.

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My first motorbike ride was on a FS1 E in 1976 when I was 16. A couple of years later I bought a Suzuki 250 Hustler, passed my test, went straight out and bought a Triumph Trident Tl 50. I rode this for about two years while most of my mates moved on
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The History Bit
The original Square Four engine was designed by Edward Turner in 1928. He was trying to get work as an engine designer with a number of motorcycle manufacturers, using his unique engine design as a calling card to demonstrate his skills. The engine w
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the specification may have been more about moving great loads large distances reliably rather than outright speed or handling. The engine and box are of unit construction and a single oil change lubricates both with filtration via a large gauze inser