Owning a Dog Lowers Your Risk of Dying Early by 24%, and You Hear That, Landlord?

A new analysis of 70 years' worth of studies that look at the effect claims that having a dog lowers your risk of dying early by 24 percent - and yeah, that sounds about right!

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14 Best Hydrating Foundations on the Market For Dry Skin
If you've ever applied foundation only to feel your skin flaking off in tiny bits just a few hours later, you know the struggle of having a dry skin type. You probably stack your skin-care routine with products that boast ingredients like hyaluronic
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Barack Obama Chose a JAY-Z Classic When Asked to Recite a Rap Verse From Memory
Barack Obama often shares his favorite music and top tracks with interested listeners by sending out themed playlists covering various genres. His lists often include major rap artists like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, or JAY-Z, and during a Q&A for his po
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Sure, Collagen Supplements Are Trendy, but They Do Carry Some Risks
Considering we're different generations, it doesn't surprise me that my mom's Instagram feed and mine look nothing alike. But there is one exception - we both see posts about collagen supplements all the time. Glowing skin, strong nails, and volumino