Heritage Railway


The founding fathers of our national network understood the public well. Yes, travelling from one place to another in a tiny fraction of the time it took by stagecoach or boat was a start, but railways had to do much more.

The railways formed the backbone of post-Industrial Revolution society as we know it, because they facilitated cheap, efficient and fast transport of people and goods like never before. Yet they still had to sell themselves to the public.

When the money was available, many of the early railway companies invested huge amounts of money in their stations, which were the interface between the public at large and

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Heritage RailwayLeitura de 6 mins
2ft gauge, ¼ mile. Arundel, West Sussex. Tel: 01798 831370. Open: Wed-Sun from May 19. Standard gauge, 11 miles, footplate experience, wine and dine. Sheffield Park, East Sussex, TN22 2QL. Tel: 01825 720800. Running: From May 20 TBA. 10¼in & 7¼in
Heritage RailwayLeitura de 1 mins
New Frame For Hotchley Hill
VOLUNTEERS at the Great Central Railway (Nottingham) have obtained a replacement lever frame for Hotchley Hill signalbox. The acquisition is said to be an excellent match for the original LNER device and is described as being in very good condition
Heritage RailwayLeitura de 2 mins
LSL’s Crewe Steam Fleet Gets Ready For Action!
DESPITE the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, including the fact that no main line excursions have operated for several months, work at Locomotive Services Limited at Crewe has continued in earnest. Workers have stayed in bubbles to restore the steam