Jennifer minus Steve in the morning

ON NOV. 29, 2017, SAVANNAH GUTHRIE AND HODA KOTB greeted Today viewers with the news that NBC had fired their co-host Matt Lauer amid reports of sexual misconduct. “We are heartbroken,” said Guthrie, in a speech that expressed sympathy for Lauer’s alleged victims as well as sorrow over the loss of a colleague. Both women appeared to be fighting tears.

It was an arresting moment, one that felt raw and brave enough to cut through the daily onslaught of #MeToo revelations in the fall of 2017. But, as genuine as Guthrie and Kotb might’ve been, the announcement also functioned as a savvy attempt to reinstill trust in a news organization that had which enlists Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell in the flagship offering from Apple TV+.

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