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Sci-fi graphic novels that will keep you up late and make you miss your train stop

Splashy illustration, compelling plot, and artful presentation of strange worlds.
Dive deep into a captivating sci-fi graphic novel.
Dive deep into a captivating sci-fi graphic novel. (Miika Laaksonen via Unsplash/)

In the hands of a science fiction writer, each discovery of a physical phenomenon, planetary body, or biological quirk offers inspiration.

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Massage Away That Headache
FEW THINGS CAN crush a productive morning or relaxing evening faster than a tension headache. Any number of factors can trigger one, from stress to poor posture, but it always feels like a band of pressure across the scalp that then tightens the neck
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What Can Silence A Ringing Ear?
IT TAKES MANY FORMS. Bells or clicks that chase away sleep, crashing ocean waves that break focus, a low ringing frequent enough that it derails lives, relationships, and careers. The perception of sound in the absence of external noise—a condition k
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Explain Hibernation Like I’m 5
PRETEND YOU’RE A GROUNDHOG and winter is coming. Food is getting scarce, the days are growing colder, and you can’t migrate anywhere warmer. Your best bet is to hibernate until spring. Animals around the world, ranging from bees to bears, instinctive