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GM and UAW end 40-day auto strike

On October 25, General Motors announced that it had ratified a four-year labour agreement that covers workers at 55 United Auto Workers-represented facilities across the US. The agreement put an end to the longest strike witnessed by the automaker since 1970, which crippled production and almost led to the demise of certain models, including the much-loved

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Chevrolet Astro III
The Sixties saw a raft of starry-eyed futurists insist that gas turbines were destined to usurp the internal combustion engine. Chrysler in particular was evangelical about this method of propulsion. General Motors also experimented, not least with t
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Doin’ the Continental
After the disappointment of the Continental Mark II’s lacklustre sales success, it was decided that the Continental nameplate should be re-amalgamated with Lincoln in 1958, as the shining star on top of that division’s tree. The Continental Mark II,
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Super Sonic CHEVELLE
As with several other mid-Sixties GM intermediates, the Chevrolet Chevelle was always destined to be classified in the category ‘legendary American muscle car’. Introduced in 1964 as a ‘senior compact’, the Chevelle Malibu Super Sport became availabl