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Big Setback = Bigger Comeback
Breakthroughs. They’re the thing Einstein, Oprah, and every rom-com character in the history of film have in common. They’re the moment you finally realize why life threw you on an upside-down, will-I-get-out-of-this roller coaster ride; the surprise
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Hilary Duff
“I have a very busy life between L.A. and New York, so products I can apply with my fingers make the most sense. The Nudestix Nudies 3-in-1 blush sticks are my favorite. They’re really easy to use. The company is run by a mother and her daughters—so
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Bouncing Is Back
One look at the Instagram stories of Busy Philipps, Demi Lovato, or Julianne Hough is all it takes to understand that mini-trampoline workouts are in again. But if you prefer to get your fitness forecast from somewhere other than exercise-lovin’ cele