Viking's Choice: Tender Ambient, Blossom Punk, Fist-Pumping Shred

On this week's playlist, Lori Goldston makes fathoms-deep cello music, Worriers' Lauren Denitzio previews their 2020 album and Haunt turns in another heavy metal anthem.
Eilean Records was always built to end. The French label was conceived as an elaborate art project, based on a map with 100 points. Source: Courtesy of the artist

As we take a bottle cap to the lava-spewing volcano that was 2019, we're about to make sense of all of the music that it contained — or at least the parts that hardened on our hearts like pyroclastic rocks. Be on the lookout for our very soon, plus my annual Viking's Choice episode of , which comes out Dec. 31. But before all of that, I wanted to make note of two record labels closing, left a mark on me.

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