ell, it’s that time of year again. The festive season, where there’ll be lots of food and fun to be shared with family and friends. And, of course, Christmas is a time for giving

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How To Quick And Easy Fixes
Ideally, your router should be located right in the center of your home. That’s not always possible, but you can still make sure to lift the router up off the floor, and keep it away from obstacles that might block the signal. You should remember to
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FAQ Networking Troubleshooter
Q I recently bought a new router to replace the ancient, slow router that was supplied by my ISP about four years ago. When I set up the new router my Macs and iOS devices can see the new Wi–Fi network that it has created, but the router itself can’t
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The Procession To Calvary
$3.99 From Joe Richardson Games, Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later The settings menu sets the tone. Along with music and SFX volume levels, there’s an option for a monk to blow a raspberry. Check the box, an