8 Reasons You Actually NEED to Take a Vacation

Americans are basically terrible at taking time away from work. Whether it's because we just don't have enough paid time off to plan a real vacation or because we think the world will end if we step away from our desks for more than a day, either way we're majorly missing out on much-needed time to relax and regroup. Sometimes , because

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A Little Love Goes a Long Way: Easy French Macarons
Perhaps it's the rainbow of cheerful hues, the adorable two-bite size, or - most likely - the perfect crisp-chewy texture, but I just can't get enough of French macarons. Even when I'm stuffed to the gills, I can always make room for these tiny, deli
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What Was the Least Popular Baby Name the Year You Were Born?
There's always a lot of excitement around the Social Security Administration's yearly list of the most popular baby names, but what about those least popular names that never get reported? Out of sheer curiosity, we dove deep into the archives to fin
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How a Stranger's Comment Changed the Way I Parent
We'd spent a few hours at the beach during our Spring break trip to San Diego when the weather turned and we decided to pack it up and head out. I juggled sandy beach toys and wet towels in my arms and attempted to convince my 2-and-a-half-year-old t