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MEASURED EDGE TO EDGE, the universe as we know it stretches some 93 billion lightyears across. That unfathomable expanse contains 2 trillion galaxies, each shining with millions of stars and dotted with more planets than you can imagine. Given all that real estate, it seems unlikely we’re alone. Yet in all of human history, we’ve found nothing to suggest otherwise.

Scientists who have spent their careers searching for any sign of an otherworldly civilization concede it’s possible we’ve got the cosmos to ourselves. Still, they highly

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Digital Domination
Pro gamers demand smooth graphics rendering so there’s no fight-ruining lag between their commands and what happens onscreen. The burly multicore AMD processor inside the Alienware Aurora Ryzen stores data in an extra-large cache to avoid any hiccups
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How To Create A True Game Of Chance
LINDA SOHM, CO-OWNER OF MIDWEST GAME SUPPLY COMPANY The dice in your Monopoly set aren’t as random as you think. The black dots that number each side are hollow, so faces with more spots weigh less. When you roll, it’s more likely that a heavier side
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Hard Hitter
PRO BASEBALL PLAYERS OBSESS ABOUT WOOD.That’s because, the logic goes, the harder the bat, the faster a ball will fly after contact. The AP5 Pro Model from Marucci, a Louisiana company that rivals Louisville Slugger for the title of most-swung brand