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Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Florence and Richard Atwater

A house painter named Mr. Popper dreams of being an Antarctic explorer. When he gets a penguin, his dream comes true. Soon one penguin turns into two, and soon a dozen penguins are in the household. It’s too expensive to take

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Cricket MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
The frost is here,The fuel is dear,And woods are sear,And fires burn clear,And frost is hereAnd has bitten the heel of the going year. Bite, frost, bite!You roll up away from the lightThe blue woodlouse and the plump dormouse,And the bees are stilled
Cricket MagazineLeitura de 4 mins
Once Upon A Time In A Deep, Dark Mine
In memory I hold a vision of my grandpa grooming one of his Shetland ponies on his farm in the 1940s. He was expecting a family to visit that evening—a possible sale. “But you know, Millie,” he said to me as, brush in hand, he gently stroked the pony
Cricket MagazineLeitura de 6 mins
ALEXANDER SELKIRK RACED after the wild goat as it bounded ahead of him up a steep slope. His calloused feet hardly felt the rocky ground. The Scottish sailor grinned, remembering when he’d been too slow to catch a healthy goat. The desperate animal s