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K-Board Pro 4 MIDI Controller

$895 street (hard case +$100) keithmcmillen.com

Jon is a singer, songwriter and pianist from New York City, and the Editor of Keyboard keyboardmag.com

here’s no denying, it has to be admitted that MPE controllers have often scared me away in the past. As a “meat and potatoes” piano, Wurlitzer and organ guy, I’ve never been particularly drawn to alternative keyboard options. But as many of my fellow keyboard journeyman have been swayed to add MPE controllers to their touring rigs (like Andy Burton from Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul), I

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EASY GUIDE Tonal & modal harmony
When discussing traditional Western music theory, we use the term ‘harmony’ to describe how a melody works with the chords that accompany it. For the most part in this Easy Guide series up to this point, we’ve been exploring what’s known as ‘tonal’ h
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Pro Tips
With minor keys, the nature of the parent scale has an effect on the quality of diatonic chords, but not their function. For instance, tonic chords in a major key are I, iii and vi, but in a minor key are i, III and VI. Dominant chords in a major key
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New MIDI effects
Apart from the somewhat oversold new Artisan effects (see below), Waveform Pro 11 doesn’t add any audio plugins to its internal roster. Instead, this time round, Tracktion Software have thrown in five new MIDI processors – and very nice they are too.