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s one of Electronic Musician's cadre of Editors At Large, James is responsible for keeping his finger on the pulse of the music software world, reporting on the latest developments in plugins and DAWs. He also takes a more irreverent look at

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Electronic MusicianLeitura de 3 mins
Hip Hop Acapellas Vol.2
$44 Fans of this English MC’s crisp delivery and stinging punchlines will be eager to get their hands on this mammoth 2GB+ pack of acapella goodness. It’s another round of heavyweight rap nuggets from the UK stalwart, ready to be chopped, scratched,
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
Avoid Tool Choice Elitism. It Really Doesn’t Matter!
We admit, that title might be just a little misleading, as some tools are definitely better suited than others to certain tasks. What we really mean, though, is try to avoid the hype that surrounds some synths. Sometimes we have to work within limita
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 mins
Mixerface R4B
$755 centrance.com Touted as a mobile interface, the MixerFace R4 was a great solution for anyone wanting to have a studio-quality audio interface that could fit in their pocket and worked well with both iOS and Android devices. CEntrance has since t