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Roland Cloud gets more SRX appeal with new electric piano, string and brass plugins

Introduced in 2000, Roland’s range of SRX expansion boards added extra sounds to its hardware synths, sound modules and workstations of the time. Now the sounds from three more of them have been added to the Roland Cloud: SRX Electric Piano, SRX Strings and SRX Brass.

When it was released back in the noughties, SRX Electric Piano was praised for its authentic Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clavinet sounds, which cover plenty of tonal ground. SRX Strings, meanwhile, contains 128 presets that encompass multiple playing styles – pizzicato, legato and vibrato, for example – with certain patches responding dynamically to velocity.

Horn fans, meanwhile, will appreciate the inclusion of SRX Brass, which promises to be flexible enough for use on pop, film, classical and other productions.

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