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lose your eyes and think of your fantasy recording studio. For a few glorious, seductive minutes, allow yourself to imagine a space in which you could work, free from financial limitation or space restrictions. Do you have a clear picture of it in your mind? So here’s a question: is there a mixing console right there in the middle of the control room? If the answer to that question is yes, you won’t be alone. After all, what piece of gear shouts ‘recording studio’ more clearly than a mixing console designed to do nothing but allow you to track and mix music? Many of the founding companies of the recording music industry have lived and died by their console designs, and when you consider how central – literally – recording consoles are to the creative process for musicians, that’s as it should be. Through the following pages, we’re going to distill the essence of a mixing desk down to a single, solitary channel, to understand what a channel strip is. We’re going to find out why channel strips are as relevant to your recording processes today, inside your DAW, as they were in the pre-digital days. And we’re going to discover how the sounds of channel strip plugins can vary hugely, giving you a chance to influence the sound of your entire workflow with the

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Logic Goes Live
For once you can agree with the hype. Apple has claimed that the latest Logic 10.5 update is the biggest since Pro X, but you could argue it’s the most important update ever. Heck, if you’re an Apple fanperson, this update might even have got you fro
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Vox Continental
Like the antagonist from a horror movie franchise, this classic transistor-based organ refuses to die. Released in 1962 and designed as a more portable solution than Hammond’s B3, Vox’s Continental was everything the Hammond was not. The Hammond was
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BJ Burton
As a member of several punk and indie rock bands, producer, songwriter and mix engineer BJ Burton began recording bands during his teenage years. More intrigued by a career in production than a life on the road, he went to engineering school and bran