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Exploring Timbral Changes With Wavetable Synths

This month is dedicated to taking the concepts I recently taught you about in previous issues and adding additional functions to your bends and modulation (EM September and October 2019), and exploring them using wavetable synths.

What’s A Wavetable?

A very basic explanation is that wavetable synthesis offers up small slices of sampled or digitally generated waveforms that are placed next to each other in a table, which can be swept through to create interesting timbral changes.

First developed by Wolfgang Palm (of Waldorf fame), it has been featured

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Start by setting Osc A to the Basic Shapes wavetable and select the square wave index. Then, change the Warp mode to PWM and set it between 10-30%. Once you have a width you like, use the Copy Osc A->B option in the main menu, then raise its tuning t