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hough initially conceived as ‘The Chamberlin’ by American Harry Chamberlin, there is something entirely British about the Mellotron. Indeed, the first instrument to carry the name was British born, a product of a meeting between Chamberlin’s sales agent Bill Fransen and the Brothers Bradley (Frank, Norman, Les) of Bradmatic Ltd, a tape engineering firm. The Bradleys had ideas about how to improve Chamberlin’s design and, joined by TV

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Bassline Theory
Over the course of his 25-year career, Dave has engineered, programed and played keyboards for numerous artists including George Michael and Tina Turner As an essential part of the rhythm section, together with the drums, your track’s bassline is the
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Core Principles
I'm a big advocate of the idea that, in order to create unique and ambitious music, it's first important to study the basic principles that music is based on. It's something certainly true for anybody learning an instrument – a guitarist will always
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Electronic Musician
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