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The Electronic Musician guide to THE GRID

Bitwig Studio is a Digital Audio Workstation which has always been influenced by modular systems. Version 1 brought us nested effects and open-ended controller setup while the next version took things further with its excellent modulation system, whereby any device could be adorned with extra LFOs, envelopes and control routers. Bitwig Studio 3 steps things up a notch with The Grid, a pair of devices – the Poly Grid instrument and FX Grid effect – which present the user with an open-ended modular environment in which to make use of over 150 tools including oscillators, filters, delays, maths/logic operators, sequencers and more.

This concept is nothing new, of course – The Grid shares influences with Max/MSP, Reaktor and modular softsynths such as Phase Plant or VCV Rack – but The Grid stands out for its accessibility. For one thing, it’s built right into the Bitwig workflow, making use of the DAW’s existing systems such as Modulators, nested effects and open control mapping. Furthermore, its handy help system, clean UI and experimentation-friendly approach make The Grid much easier

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