Electronic Musician

Six classic oscillator tricks

01 Tasked with adding harmonic density and weight to an oscillator’s tone, many VAs feature what’s known as a sub oscillator – a simple waveform (usually a

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Zoom’s Heavy-duty H8 Is A Multitrack Recorder, Podcasting Studio And More
You might call Zoom’s new H8 a handheld recorder, but it’s actually rather more than that. Offering an app-based workflow, it can be used not only for making field recordings, but also as a multitrack recording device and podcasting studio. With a he
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Electronic Musician
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$699 moogmusic.com Although this is a brand new synth from Moog, the name might be familiar. The Subharmonicon was available for a very short time at Moogfest 2018 and you had to build it yourself as part of the VIP engineering pass. The following tw