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ollowing two albums for German dance music institution Kompakt, Cologne duo COMA have recently signed to City Slang for the release of their latest LP, Inspired by childhood memories and a wide array of electronic influences, the album see the pair doubling down on their distinctive sound that blends house music with live instrumentation and classic musicianship. We caught up with them

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Bassline Theory
Over the course of his 25-year career, Dave has engineered, programed and played keyboards for numerous artists including George Michael and Tina Turner As an essential part of the rhythm section, together with the drums, your track’s bassline is the
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Hip Hop Acapellas Vol.2
$44 Fans of this English MC’s crisp delivery and stinging punchlines will be eager to get their hands on this mammoth 2GB+ pack of acapella goodness. It’s another round of heavyweight rap nuggets from the UK stalwart, ready to be chopped, scratched,
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Avoid Tool Choice Elitism. It Really Doesn’t Matter!
We admit, that title might be just a little misleading, as some tools are definitely better suited than others to certain tasks. What we really mean, though, is try to avoid the hype that surrounds some synths. Sometimes we have to work within limita