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Superlative’s SB01 synth is like a portable 101 from the future

While some companies are happy to create slavish emulations of classic synths, Superlative is taking a rather different approach. Previewed at Superbooth, the SB01 - pronounced Space Bee, apparently – might be inspired by Roland’s SH-101, but it’s also a forward-thinking analog instrument in its own right.

That said, sounds are generated with a 3340 voltage-controlled oscillator and 4-pole OTA filter for that distinctive SH sound. There are also analog envelopes, modulation features and portamento.

Things start to get a little more interesting when you consider the step sequencer, a new design that’s been optimized for “fluid live performance”. Patterns can be created by entering notes in order, along with rests or slides. You can create patterns with

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