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ast August, The Bob Moog Foundation sponsored its first annual Moogmentum event in Asheville, North Carolina. While its Moogseum had its soft launch on May 23 of this year, Moogmentum was the official ribbon-cutting

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Kilohearts Phase Plant
Start with an analog oscillator and select the pulse waveform. Since each vintage string machine had its own specific pulse width, experiment in the 5-20% range. Once you have a thin reedy pulse, drag-copy the oscillator to the position below and rai
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 mins
Sound Design: Vintage Strings
Francis Preve is one of the industry’s most prolific sound designers. Find out more at francispreve.com There’s something truly special about the sound of a vintage string machine. Their sound has defined countless R&B, disco, and synthpop tracks ove
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Oscillator Modulation
Quad includes various ways for oscillator 1 to control osc 2 and vice versa. In the dropdown box at the bottom right of oscillator 2’s XY pad, you’ll find a choice of 16 modulation types accompanied by two amount controls. Modulation types include ty