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Reason 11 arrives with a VST/AU plugin version, as the Propellerhead brand bites the dust

The fact that Reason 11 is on the way should come as no great surprise, but there’s a big change in that it’ll also run in other DAWs as the Reason Rack Plugin. What’s more, Propellerhead Software will now be known as Reason Studios.

Reason 11 heralds the arrival of several new devices: Quartet Chorus Ensemble, Sweeper Modulation Effect, Master Bus Compressor, Channel Dynamics and Channel EQ. Those who use Reason standalone–and it’s worth making clear that this ‘full’ version of the software isn’t going away–will also benefit from an enhanced sequencer.

Commenting on the ditching of the Propellerhead brand, Chief Product Officer Timothy Self says: “We’re changing our name to Reason Studios to clearly express our dedication in delivering the best experience for

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