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Faking tape

ape emulators do far more than simply add tape’s characteristic ‘hiss’. They model the behavior of tape, implanting the tonal and dynamic response of

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$62 masteringthemix.com Mastering The Mix first got our attention with the easy-to-use Levels metering plugin. Since then, the company has delivered some excellent plugins aimed at making your mixing and mastering tasks quicker and the outcomes so mu
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Drum Programming
The KeyStep Pro features eight analog drum trigger outputs along its rear, which can be controlled from track one when used in Drum mode. While there are only eight outputs, the drum track actually features a total of 24 parts, so it’s possible to se
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Mixerface R4B
$755 centrance.com Touted as a mobile interface, the MixerFace R4 was a great solution for anyone wanting to have a studio-quality audio interface that could fit in their pocket and worked well with both iOS and Android devices. CEntrance has since t