Electronic Musician


Ronan has been writing about music technology and production for over 20 years. He’s also a drummer, but don’t hold that against him.

$64 audiaire.com


+ Outstanding effects with well-chosen parameter controls
+ Excellent sequencing
+ Loads of randomization and lane presets


- Parameters- No control range modification- Macro hierarchy is weird

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Electronic MusicianLeitura de 2 minsTechnology & Engineering
Granular And Resample Mining
01 We’re starting with a track consisting of five elements. A chopped up vocal provides our melody, whilst this is supported by a kick drum and ‘top loop’. Harmony is provided by a pad from Absynth 5 and a thick bassline from Monark. A little delay a
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 mins
Three Is The Magic Number
The Moog One offers a depth that is not to be sniffed at, with an inexhaustible modulation matrix, with the simplest workflow you can imagine for the power available. It doesn’t end there though as it can be considered as three individual synths, eac
Electronic MusicianLeitura de 1 minsTechnology & Engineering
Team The One With…
The Moog One has an array of CV ins and outs, which means you can hook it up to a modular rig with ease, assigning the ports using the controller section. You will need 8th” to ¼” patch cables however. The midi connectivity works well but I’d opt for