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Danny Turner is a musician and journalist based in the UK

By his own admission, Boston native Arthur Baker wasn’t a born DJ. More interested in the means behind the music, he studied engineering at Intermedia Studios and began releasing disco hits under various pseudonyms with some success. After several false starts and setbacks, Baker relocated to New York and began producing for Tom Silverman at Tommy Boy Records, where he played a key role in seminal ’80s tracks by pioneers Afrika Bambaataa (Planet Rock) and New Order (Blue Monday/Confusion).

Within a few years, Baker was hot property. His studio project, Rockers Revenge, hit No.1 on the US dance chart with Walking on Sunshine, while remixes followed for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac. Entering the ’90s and beyond, Baker has continued to stay ahead of the production curve while keeping the electro flame burning through documentaries like 808.

You were initially a DJ, yet you didn’t always respond well to the reaction you got…

I wasn’t really a great DJ technically and was fairly impatient as a kid. If I played a track that I knew was good and it didn’t get a reaction, I’d chuck it onto the dancefloor, smash it or throw it into the crowd. The club I mostly did that in was called Rasheed’s in Northampton, which was a college town. But this was around ’75 or ’76, when it wasn’t even legal for me to be playing at a club.

Sounds like an expensive hobby?

Back then there were 45s and albums but there weren’t any 12" records yet, so I had to stop doing that when I realized I had to go home and replace them. The first 12" that was released was Double Exposure’s Ten Percent. Before that, record labels were putting out these 45-sized mini-disco discs.

Should DJs adapt to their audience or should audiences be informed about the event?

Nowadays, big DJs don’t adapt to their audience, they’re booked because of what they play. Early on, everyone played somewhat similar

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