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lickbait headline aside, there have been certain “rules” about the order in which effect pedals are chained. Still, as we shall see, they beg to be broken. Often, the first question newbies to the world of stompboxes ask is, “What is the best order for a pedal signal chain?” — or, words to that, um, effect. There is a good place

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Do You Need A $200 Plastic Bag For Your Teenage Engineering Synths? Well, You’re In Luck…
Whatever your take on the company, it’s fair to say that it’s difficult to second-guess what Teenage Engineering is going to come up with next. As such, the release of its new splash modular bag – a roll-up water resistant case for your OP-1, OP-Z an
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Xfer Records Serum
Start by setting Osc A to the Basic Shapes wavetable and select the square wave index. Then, change the Warp mode to PWM and set it between 10-30%. Once you have a width you like, use the Copy Osc A->B option in the main menu, then raise its tuning t
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