Why can scientists use radar to look through miles of ice—but not very far into bedrock? Radio glaciologist Dustin Schroeder says it all comes down to wavelengths. Light with different wavelengths interacts with the world in

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New Contest
Every superhero needs a good (or should we say bad) supervillain—a doer of dastardly deeds to defeat. Invent a supervillain. In pictures and/or words, show us their final monologue as they face their super nemesis for the last time. Who are they? Wha
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Q: Do kids’ taste buds change as they get older? Why do kids and adults like different foods? —Kate B., Pennsylvania A: Just like the rest of your body, your taste buds change over the course of your life. You might hate mushrooms, or eggs, or pobl
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Not Raised In A Barn
Howdy y’all! I’m a cowgirl from Texas that rides my horse every day to school. You can find me lassoing my cattle, and spending time with my best buds in the barn: my horses and chickens. Just kidding! I am a regular girl that lives in the posh and d