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Like most turkey hunters, I focus mainly on the early-morning hours. after all, who doesn’t like to call in and shoot a gobbler straight off the roost? However, last season I was reminded that longbeards can be killed at any time of day.

Of course, this depends on whether or not your state allows all-day turkey hunting. My home state of Nebraska does—which

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Outdoor Life
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Henry Garden Gun
THIS NEW RIMFIRE lever action is the perfect gun for pests. I’m thinking not only of the type that raids your vegetable garden or slithers out from under the porch, but also that more persistent, pernicious, and annoying variety—namely, the youngster
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In Deep
The only thing protecting my secret turkey-hunting spot is a few hundred yards of marsh and one ferocious little creek. On one side of the creek is a parking area and the edge of a subdivision—I’ve learned to keep my headlamp off for the first 200 ya