The English Garden

Q & A

Which have been the most satisfying projects you have worked on during your career?

You become immersed in each project and I’ve been lucky enough to work on only those things that I completely believed in. But having a smallholding – Franklin Farm, in Hampshire – with 4,000 trees on it and gradually tending that land

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Neat lawns and very smart topiary in the formal, terraced Cotswold garden of Michael and Frances Dobson. Photographed by Clive Nichols. ■
The English GardenLeitura de 1 mins
Cape figworts are super shrubs for pots. Protect in winter weather below -10°C. Let opium poppies seed around for silken flowers in pink and purple hues. Grey-green toothed leaves and daisy flowers on a shrub that hails from New Zealand. Felty gre