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The job of buying a TL needs to be treated seriously. All of them are over 20 years old now, with many having high mileage. A fair number have been modified significantly, with not all alterations being done well, or by experts. It’s important to be patient with your search and subsequent thorough examination. In saying that,

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Closest Rival
Triumph’s Speed Triple 1050 is probably the natural competitor for the MT, dynamically at least, thanks to the two bikes sharing that three-cylinder architecture and grunty delivery. The Triumph is more powerful, as you might expect from its extra 16
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Where Mustangs Flew
Like so many in 2020, my plans were well and truly scuppered by the awful disease which seemed to dominate every headline. Initial plans to ride the Adriatic Highway, continue south to Athens and sip a cold Mykos at the foot of the Acropolis evaporat
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I Sell Them
Jonathan King of Yamaha Premier dealer Tamworth Yamaha knows and very much likes TMAXs. “The UK attitude to them hasn’t always been positive, but anyone who rides one soon realises just how well they perform and how useful they are. “Owners are usual