continue to love magazine for the thought-provoking articles you present. Dick Karl’s recent article, “In Pursuit of Perfection” [June], reminded me that the perfect flight is often as elusive as the impossible turn. On a recent flight from Fort Worth Spinks Airport to San Angelo Regional Airport, the perfect flight was about to be accomplished. I was 6 miles from the airport, had called the field in sight and was lining up on Runway 18 when something didn’t look right. The controller saw my

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Sudden Surprise Trouble
Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the old nursery rhyme goes like this: “There was a little girl, / who had a little curl, / right in the middle of her forehead. / When she was good, / she was very good indeed, / and when she was bad she was hor
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Louisville ILS or LOC Runway 17L
If you enjoy watching airplanes, especially any of the quickly declining global fleet of jumbo jets, Muhammad Ali International—the old Standiford Field (KSDF)—in Louisville, Kentucky, is an excellent place. The home of UPS, KSDF offers the opportuni
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An Aviation Mentor
“We’re landing there?!” I shouted to my copilot. The narrow strip of pavement—runway is too strong a word—didn’t look like it could possibly handle our mighty Cessna 310, and yet, there we were on short final, just a few hundred feet over the turquoi