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Cultivating the Future of Veterinary Medicine

After working as a veterinarian for the military, Dr. Casara Andre turned her focus to holistic medicine, with the hopes of achieving a more balanced approach to wellness than that provided by pharmaceuticals. This idea lead her to found Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting, which helps to educate both veterinarians and pet owners about the potential of CBD and cannabis-based medications. Her robust resume also includes: owner of Cultivate, a veterinary coworking community; director of the Colorado School of Animal Massage; and manager of Scheduled Relief, a networking service connecting veterinary clinics and relief veterinarians. In this exclusive interview, we discuss with Dr. Andre her switch to holistic medicine, how to choose the right products for pets, and how to best educate the public on cannabis-based medication.

Cannabis & Tech Today : Can you tell us about your decision to take a more holistic approach to your veterinary practice?

Dr. Casara Andre: It

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