is a professor at North Carolina State University, where he received his doctorate in gastroenterology. He earned his doctor of veterinary medicine from the Virginia–Maryland Regional

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I’d never felt so free before. It seemed magical. The wind in my hair, the hooves beating on the ground. Particles of dust clouding my view, a big heartbeat beneath me. I reached both arms into the air and smiled. I was finally doing what I had been
EquusLeitura de 4 minsPsychology
Horse-Powered Reading
Reading is an almost magical process in which deciphering lines and squiggles reveals a rich world of narrative and meaning. For children who have difficulty with reading, however, the doors to that world are largely closed. Addressing struggles with
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CRISPR Technology Comes To The Horse World
Argentine researchers have successfully edited the genes in an equine embryo, raising the possibility of producing horses with custom-designed DNA. “To our knowledge,” they wrote in the paper announcing their work, “edited horse embryos had not been