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8 – Carmen Barefield is a poet and writer living in Salem, Massachusetts. Her work can be found in Poetry Quarterly, Black Heart magazine and littledeathlit.

10 – Amy Barnes is a widely published US-based writer. She was longlisted for Bath Flash Fiction and Reflex Fiction competitions, and is a Fear No Lit finalist.

12 – C. M. Lindley is a creative director and writer living in Southern California. Her work can be found in Neccessary

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The Gay Woman Composes A Rainbow Poem
Red as the smoulderof a second-hand lie Orange as the courageof a woman’s tie Yellow as the picturesof the silenced dead Green as the softnessof the shaven head Blue as the crackleof our palms held tight Purple as the velvetof a hot midnight ■
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How To Catch A Fruit
to get rid of decomposing fruitssearch for the death-fruitit is the fruit with the least remorseleave out the sour remainslick the blood from the spoongo after the fruitsbare-hand the fruits openso you can close after the fruitsquickly so they cannot
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How Ordinary The Revelation
I left my beak hanging on the tree, but my voice continues in my head. There’s no silence in this house. No forgetting. No beginning of forgetting. Humans walk by with their widening language, their twitching wings. They don’t understand we must be q