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There are no limits on fantasy. Yet, in literature it is so heavily steeped in genre it’s impossible not to think of warring

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Popshot MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
How Ordinary The Revelation
I left my beak hanging on the tree, but my voice continues in my head. There’s no silence in this house. No forgetting. No beginning of forgetting. Humans walk by with their widening language, their twitching wings. They don’t understand we must be q
Popshot MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
I’m Gradually Stealing All The Pens From Rupert’s Desk
I’m gradually stealingall the pens from Rupert’s desk.It’s my largely unacknowledgedform of silent protest. So as my cheeks reddento loud jokes at my expense,my mind can drift awayto this quiet recompense. The giggles of our colleaguescost him books
Popshot MagazineLeitura de 1 minsNature
A Bird Eat Bird World
Shrieks peak as a chorus of protest emergesManifested out of thin chit-chat air by a hawk surprising at the vergesThe sudden stealth-like swiftly swooping strikeMaking all peripheral and ambient songbirds alikeSpontaneously combust and simultaneously