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8 – Jamil Jan Kochai is a novelist published by Bloomsbury. He was born in Pakistan and grew up in America. He is a Truman Capote Fellow at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.

10 – Brenda Dzangare is an urban fantasy fiction writer, author of the Calah Crown series and has written five books for children.

Christian Butler-Zanetti is a London-based author, artist and musician. He recently left his

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The first few hours are the hardest. The urge to turn on the TV or your phone is strong, powerful even. It's like a drug, that pull, that need, to go online, to watch something, to buy stuff, but it never lasts long. Within a matter of hours, you beg
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Stumbling Over Bristol
On a sunny day in the city of Bristol, Esme stumbled in the street. The tip of her boot caught against a raised paving stone and she clattered to her knees. There was a small golden square of metal on the floor: Fugra from Freetown. Enslaved 15 years
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The moment you see white as a colouryou see that everything is about race. Movies full of white peopleare about race.Social media pagesads search results and magazinesclassrooms governments neighbourhoodsoffices and leadership teamstourist attraction