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8 – Julie-Ann Rowell is a Bristol-based poetry teacher and mentor. Her first poetry pamphlet, Convergence, won a Poetry Book Society Award. Her latest collection, Voices in the Garden, was published by Lapwing Publications.

10 – Jessica Kashdan-Brown currently divides her time between the University of Warwick’s writing programme and working on the installation of a poetry route along the Kennet and Avon canal.

is a published flash fiction writer. Her flash fairytale came

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How Ordinary The Revelation
I left my beak hanging on the tree, but my voice continues in my head. There’s no silence in this house. No forgetting. No beginning of forgetting. Humans walk by with their widening language, their twitching wings. They don’t understand we must be q
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Join The Marches If You Are Able
I don't make a habitof tellingmy love what to dowith his body but his bonesare made of teacups & I keep picturingelbows at collarbone level, cocked& loaded like rubber bullets& rubber bullets& steel toed riot shields& shins in iron-creased bluepressi
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Eat The Fox
The fox. Chased. Ripped apart. Killed. Unrecognisable to the living animal it so recently was. Disgusting! I rip open the plastic packaging and remove the raw steak. Those poshos, doing something so ridiculous and barbaric just because it was what th