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Dream or dreams, dreamers or dreaming? We had an intense discussion at Popshot Towers about what this issue should

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Popshot MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
Popshot Magazine
Cover illustration by: Neil Webb neilwebb.net Editor: Matilda Battersby Art Editor: Lauren Debono-Elliot Group Editor: Steve Pill Publisher: Simon Temlett Distributed by: Seymour Distribution Printed in the UK by: William Gibbons ■
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Stumbling Over Bristol
On a sunny day in the city of Bristol, Esme stumbled in the street. The tip of her boot caught against a raised paving stone and she clattered to her knees. There was a small golden square of metal on the floor: Fugra from Freetown. Enslaved 15 years
Popshot MagazineLeitura de 1 mins
Bark Beetle To Bard
You break the silence with your chainsawsthen call us an outbreak.You fell a forest with monstrous easethen call us a disease.You make our bodies acheand chirp, yet all you hear is applause. Yes, we burrow through barkand build our galleries in the w